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28 Feb 2018

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Multilingual website

With so many distractions in the online and offline world, how can you keep your international users on your website for longer than 2 seconds?

Is attractive design, mobile accessibility and fast load time enough to make your business stand out?

Not really.

Especially if you want to extend your international presence and attract more visitors from your target markets.

Below you can see three must-have items to add to your website when your business goes global.


1. Include all relevant languages, but do it wisely


To be able to engage with your international users, you’ll have to provide them with content in their more

30 Nov 2017

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mobile appConsumers spend more and more time on their mobile devices to search and buy products online.  

And this trend is visible on many different markets across the world.

That’s why it is the perfect time to move your e-commerce business to mobile screens and benefit from the growing popularity of m-commerce. But don’t stop there.

To take your business to the next level and ensure your app can reach a wide audience, you’ll need to make sure it’s ready for the global market.

Below you can find some tips on how to make your e-commerce app ready for the world. more

8 Aug 2016

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logo ARTAll-round Translator Events is up and running! A spontaneous idea to do something new in the translation industry has transformed into a platform for continuous professional development for translators.


What is ART?

Last year together with Ellen Singer from AzTech Solutions we organised the first All-round Translator meeting in Delft (Netherlands). The event included three sessions focused on business skills, followed by a city tour and a dinner to give the attendees more opportunities for networking and exchanging their ideas. A one-off event quickly turned into an annual ART day. Then more ideas emerged and now we’ve complemented our annual event with quarterly four-hour workshops on a specialisation within more

2 Jun 2016

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A unique app with great design won’t be enough to earn top spot in the app stores. To make your users around the world happy and loyal to your products, you’ll need to adjust the user interface to your target market. Below you can find 3 steps that will help you on the way to your multilingual app.

1. Make your app store description irresistible

No matter how great your app is, it will be useless if no one gets to see it. One way to achieve a high number of downloads is to make sure your mobile app description captivates your more

25 Apr 2016

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website localization courseYou don’t need special powers or magic rings to localise websites or games. There are other ways to remain invisible and exceptional. To make sure that products localised by you are fully aligned with the expectations of the target users you will need a mixture of technical, cultural and language skills that will help you avoid hidden traps and pitfalls.

Your special powers

A typical localisation project might be full of challenges, especially if you’re making your first steps in the localisation world. From tricky source files, through strict character restrictions to complex graphics – there are many traps and dangers awaiting the unwary more

11 Apr 2016

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website localisationWebsite translation and localisation might be full of challenges, serious dangers and hidden traps. Nothing prepares better for this adventure than years of experience, but new translators or those who want to specialise in localisation can learn the tricks of the trade on courses or webinars. A good example of such a course is the Introduction to Website Localisation that has just been published on eCPD.


What’s in it for me?

If you’re a translator and want to take the first steps in localisation, this course will help you understand the ins and outs of website localisation. In 42 lectures I’ll take you on a journey through the website localisation process, cultural adaptation, digital genres, localisation of graphics and localisation more

26 Nov 2015

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The All-round TranslatorTranslation is an art. There’s no doubt about that. That’s why together with Ellen Singer we have created ART – The All-round Translator.

The recipe is simple: gather local translators, add speakers from outside of the industry and sprinkle with a bit of fun, networking, and sightseeing. 

The outcome is simple too: a low-profile event that helps translators run their businesses more efficiently. A small group smooths communication and interaction between speakers and attendees, which means you can learn even more! And once you’re ready and inspired to put the valuable tips into practice and improve your business and marketing, we make sure you can sit back and enjoy the more

9 Sep 2015

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website localization courseThe summer is over and it’s time to get back to work. I hope you’ve rested up and recharged your batteries to face new challenges, grasp wonderful opportunities and prepare for more achievements. If you’re among those who come back to work with tons of energy and thirst for knowledge, especially in the area of localisation, you might be interested in the introductory course on website localisation. This is what I’ve been working on for the whole summer. The course is now ready and available via Alexandria Library, so take a look at it, if you feel like starting a new adventure with website localisation.  read more

26 May 2015

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Great news! Beyond the Words has been nominated to the Top Language Lovers competition in the category of Language Professional Blogs. The voting phase is open now and you can cast your vote here.

Other categories in the competition include: Language Learning Blogs, Language Facebook Pages, Language Twitter Accounts and Language YouTube channels. Have a look at these great resources and pick your favourites. Remember that you can vote for more than one page or blog. So, if you enjoy the articles published here, don’t forget to click on the Beyond the Words as well!

Last year, only a few months after launching the blog, Beyond the Words was nominated too and ranked 18 among 100 other great professional language more

15 Apr 2015

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Once you’ve fully translated and localised a website, it’s time to smooth it out. Careful verification will help you detect any issues that would limit readability or functionality. And that’s where linguistic, cosmetic and functional testing comes it.

As a website translator, you might be also commissioned with one of the tests. In most cases, you’ll be carrying out the first two types, and the functional test would be left for the localisation engineer or for the IT department. However, if you’re a dab hand at coding or website development, you can carry out the functionality test, as well. I will look into it in another blog more