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3 May 2016

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There are many ways to prepare your business to enter a new market. Once you’ve done your research and selected an attractive market, you’ll want to include local customs and culture into your marketing strategy. From product packaging through business relations to online presence – adapting to local culture will help you attract more customers in the foreign market. Below you can see three benefits of adjusting your website to a new culture and market.

1. Local presence

One standardised layout for every single language and country is not enough to capture the attention of your target users effectively. A website adapted to the local customs and traditions, for example with special promotion for local holidays such as Mother’s Day or Halloween, will create an impression that your business treats each customer group more

9 Sep 2015

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website localization courseThe summer is over and it’s time to get back to work. I hope you’ve rested up and recharged your batteries to face new challenges, grasp wonderful opportunities and prepare for more achievements. If you’re among those who come back to work with tons of energy and thirst for knowledge, especially in the area of localisation, you might be interested in the introductory course on website localisation. This is what I’ve been working on for the whole summer. The course is now ready and available via Alexandria Library, so take a look at it, if you feel like starting a new adventure with website localisation.  read more

4 Jun 2014

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A few days ago this popular and first of its kind e-manual by Mats Dannewitz Linder was newly released for the latest version of the software. Written by
a translator and for translators, the e-book guides through all the steps needed for effective translation in SDL Trados Studio and includes tips both for beginners and experienced users.

sdl trados studio manual

All you need to know

From the basic options through standard workflow to intricacies of termbases and regular expressions, the manual touches upon all functions and features in
a plain and intelligible language. The book covers also the SP1 update and OpenExchange applications and is regularly updated with new material.
read more

27 May 2014

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Marketing your freelance business is not an easy task and it may take up
a considerable amount of time. That’s why you need a clear overview of your
efforts to know if you’re investing in effective actions. The tools outlined below
can help you analyse your marketing results and improve your overall strategy.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tool  

This tool compares your URL with the website of your competitor in terms of search friendliness. It will provide you with accurate data (e.g. load time, link count) and useful tips (e.g. why you have to define the language of your website) on the key areas of your more

23 Apr 2014

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In this series of articles on SDL apps you can read about applications for your Trados Studio 2014. The previous posts explained how to customise user interface, how to tweak your translation memories and how to use termbases more efficiently. Now, let’s have a look at apps that can smooth your work with SDLXLIFF files.  


With this app you can work on individual files, projects or a whole folder to create a new SDLXLIFF file based on your criteria or slice and merge files. Another feature enables to change the status of the selected segments or lock and unlock more

1 Apr 2014

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After looking into a number of tools that can help you become more productive
in your everyday work, it’s time to explore several tools for better time tracking and management. All the tools listed below are free and OS independent, so you can use them both with Windows or Mac.


ResueTime will help you analyse how much time you spend on every activity while working on a computer. It runs in the background and tracks how long you use various applications and websites to present a comprehensive overview of your workflow. You can divide your activities in categories and then set goals, such as more

24 Mar 2014

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To make your workflow easier and become more productive, you can use some or all the tools presented below. I’ve been using them for quite a while now and I can confirm that it’s worth trying them out to make your work more efficient.



StayFocused is an extension for Chrome that allows you to focus on your work and cut down the time spend on browsing through irrelevant or addictive websites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, gaming sites). You can set the time when the selected websites will be blocked or specify how many minutes per day you’ll be allowed to use the more

3 Mar 2014

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Lucky enough to get the copy of the book literally 2 days after it became available on Amazon, I can now warmly recommend it to all (new) users of SDL Trados Studio.

Something for beginners…

The book is one of very few guides to SDL Trados Studio 2014 and aims to explain the most important features of the software. Although intended mainly for new users, the book can also be useful for those more advanced, as it gives an in-depth overview of the functionalities and includes many practical tips. The content is divided into 8 chapters on topics such as “Getting Started with SDL Trados Studio”, “Working with Translation Memories”, “Formatting and Tags” or “Editing and Quality Assurance”, followed by appendices on how to work with files from earlier versions of Trados and how to manage translation more

11 Feb 2014

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In the previous articles of this section I explained how to customise user interface with the apps for SDL Trados Studio 2014 and how to tweak your translation memories. Now let’s have a look at apps that can help you use termbases more efficiently.

Glossary Converter

This is definitely one of the most useful apps and its download count at SLD App Store proves that it’s also extremely popular. Glossary Converter converts Excel spread sheets into termbases by just dragging and dropping a file on the application icon. You can also open the app and drag and drop the files more

20 Jan 2014

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In the first article of this section I explained how to customise user interface with the apps for SDL Trados Studio 2014. Now let’s have a look at apps that can help you improve the way your translation memories work.

SDL Translation Memory Management Utility

The main purpose of this tool is to manage translation memories in the SDLTM format and make them more usable. When you open the app, you will see the following window:

First you’ll have to add a TM or several TMs that you want to modify, and then select one of the three tasks: Export for Trados 2007, Remove Duplicates or Revert more