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14 Oct 2015

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Business lesson Simple sales strategies are usually the most effective. This is the main lesson I learned from the street sellers and shopkeepers in the centre of Marrakesh. And the list goes on and on…

For the last 5 years Marrakesh has been my second home and every day spent in the busy medina meant yet another valuable lesson to learn. Tourists from around the world, tempted, allured and attracted by the unique blend of colours, tastes and smells may have a hard life in Morocco. Especially if you’re forced to haggle over the price or constantly reject countless sales proposals or invitations for tea and carpet more

5 Jan 2015

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The beginning of the year is a good time to sum up, analyse and plan. Turning brilliant ideas into real actions doesn’t always come easy, so it’s a good strategy to start small and plan realistically. These three simple steps will help you expand your business and get ready for a better and more effective year.     

1. Measure your marketing efforts

Whether you use social media, run e-mail campaigns or write a blog to market your services, it’s time to analyse the results you achieved last year. This will help you realise which strategies and marketing channels where the most efficient and prepare an improved action plan for more