19 Sep 2018

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video localization

Online video marketing has become a powerful tool and a must-have for nearly every business.

With videos you can successfully promote your products and services, boost your sales, foster customer confidence in your brand and encourages social shares. But if you’re planning to expand your reach and attract consumers from other markets, you’ll need to implement one more strategy: video localisation.


Why video localisation?

When you want to tap into new markets and expand your business internationally, you’ll need to invest in effective marketing. Online video is a great tool not only for your home market, but also for your customers more

19 Jul 2018

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Localized contentYour small business doesn’t have to be active on your home market only. You can easily grow your customer base by expanding to several other countries as well. And it doesn’t have to be a costly adventure at all.

Before reaching out to consumers from a new market you’ll need to perform a thorough market research, define your target audience and analyse your competitors. Once you’re ready to tap into a new market, you’ll need to add one more key ingredient that leads to success: the localised content.

In other words, you’ll need to make sure that your images and text published on your website, social media or in your app appeal to your potential more

5 Jul 2018

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small business going global

International expansion isn’t only for large or middle-sized businesses. Small businesses can also benefit from taking their activity to the global level.

Whether you run an online store, sell products or offer services, you can easily reach your potential customers abroad if you remember about these three important steps.


1. Start close to your home


Usually, the safest place to start are the neighbouring countries or regions with a similar culture or business etiquette. It might be much easier to ship your products to the nearest country rather than to other continents. Plus, you probably already know your neighbouring markets quite well or share some common behaviours or more

14 May 2018

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mobile app localizationThere are many benefits of localising your mobile app. But once you start your journey towards a multilingual app, you might come across many challenges that will push your skills and patience to the limit.

To avoid potential traps and failures remember to do these three things:

1. Internationalise your app

It’s not enough to export your app strings and simply deliver them to your localisation or translation provider. Before sending out any files, make sure your app is ready for the world.

In other words: internationalise your app to ensure that it can support other languages, special characters, measurement units, number and date more

28 Feb 2018

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Multilingual website

With so many distractions in the online and offline world, how can you keep your international users on your website for longer than 2 seconds?

Is attractive design, mobile accessibility and fast load time enough to make your business stand out?

Not really.

Especially if you want to extend your international presence and attract more visitors from your target markets.

Below you can see three must-have items to add to your website when your business goes global.


1. Include all relevant languages, but do it wisely


To be able to engage with your international users, you’ll have to provide them with content in their more

29 Jan 2018

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social media localization

If your business goals for this year include reaching out to new clients or converting your leads into customers, there’s one good marketing strategy worth looking into: social media localisation.

What is social media localisation?

Simply put, it’s an adaptation of content published on social media platforms for your target audience. It usually requires creating new profiles in the language of your customers, but it goes beyond the mere translation of your original status updates.

To engage with your fans and followers you’ll need to share posts that resonate with their culture and buying habits. Promotions for local holidays, references to local events or traditions, or visuals presenting your product in the country of your target users are good examples of the localised social media more

13 Dec 2017

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small business website localization

Website localisation isn’t only for big and multinational companies.

It’s a good strategy for any business that wants to open to new markets or gain trust of customers that speak a different language or have a different cultural background.

And it’s not only for your customers abroad, but also for those who reside in your home market, but aren’t fluent in your native language. Or for those who may speak a different variant of your language.

Localisation and cultural adaptation brings many benefits also for small businesses. Below you can find some reasons why:

1. Clear focus on the customer’s needs

You don’t have to go global to consider website localisation a good more

30 Nov 2017

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mobile appConsumers spend more and more time on their mobile devices to search and buy products online.  

And this trend is visible on many different markets across the world.

That’s why it is the perfect time to move your e-commerce business to mobile screens and benefit from the growing popularity of m-commerce. But don’t stop there.

To take your business to the next level and ensure your app can reach a wide audience, you’ll need to make sure it’s ready for the global market.

Below you can find some tips on how to make your e-commerce app ready for the world. more

9 Nov 2017

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mobile SEO localizationWith more and more people using mobile websites and applications on a daily basis there’s no other option for a forward-thinking business than to tap into the potential of mobile world to grow across borders.

But before you can set off on the mobile journey around the world, first you’ll need to focus on mobile SEO. It’s an important process that will help to optimise your product and website for mobile search, improve page speed, minify code, decrease the bounce rate and at the same time attract and retain more customers.

Although many mobile SEO strategies are universal and will be efficient regardless of your product or your target market, some steps are especially crucial if you want to localise your website or mobile app.   read more

25 Oct 2017

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mobile game localizationSo there it is!

After months of hard work your mobile game is ready to see the app store light. You publish it, waiting impatiently for the first reviews.

At the same time you keep promoting it to reach more users.

But it seems there are hundreds of similar games out there thirsty for attention.

So, how can you make sure your mobile game increases its reach and attracts more users? How to make it more marketable not just in one region, but across the world?



1. Make it more user-friendly for international gamers


Sometimes the reason why your mobile game fails to make it to the top is very more