29 Sep 2016

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A growing number of businesses realise that a multilingual website is an essential part of the international expansion. The benefits of website translation and localisation are many, including better online visibility and higher potential to gain your customer’s trust. But to fully prepare your business for the overseas markets you will also need to include social media localisation in your marketing strategy.

Below you can find the key benefits of adjusting your social media content for a global audience:

1. Easy engagement with your prospects and consumers

By creating social media profiles that are customised to your target audience in every country or region you’ll be able to publish personalised content.read more

14 Sep 2016

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If you think reaching the top of app store rankings and achieving high download numbers is the final goal of mobile app development process, you might be wrong.

Apart from increasing your sale figures there’s one more aim worth keeping in mind: your fans expect a great gaming experience optimised for their mobile devices.   

One way to ensure a great gaming experience is to create an engaging and efficient user interface. While it might be easy to determine whether your UI in the original game version is attractive for the target users, the task gets much more complicated once your mobile game is localised.read more

30 Aug 2016

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LocalisationMany organisations planning to enter a new market and attract new customers still choose not to invest time and resources in a multilingual website. Marketing your products or services online with only one, usually an English version of your website can be a challenging task.

Below you can see counter-arguments to the most common excuses of many companies who decide not to speak the language of their customers.

1. It is expensive

Localisation doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You don’t have to localise your complete website to multiple languages. A good solution is to begin with the most important items, such as the homepage and several other pages, to see if the adapted website resonates with your target customers and if it helps to promote your business abroad.read more

8 Aug 2016

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logo ARTAll-round Translator Events is up and running! A spontaneous idea to do something new in the translation industry has transformed into a platform for continuous professional development for translators.


What is ART?

Last year together with Ellen Singer from AzTech Solutions we organised the first All-round Translator meeting in Delft (Netherlands). The event included three sessions focused on business skills, followed by a city tour and a dinner to give the attendees more opportunities for networking and exchanging their ideas. A one-off event quickly turned into an annual ART day. Then more ideas emerged and now we’ve complemented our annual event with quarterly four-hour workshops on a specialisation within translation.read more

5 Jul 2016

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cultural adaptation for businessTo tap into new markets, you’ll need much more than a thorough market research and effective promotion. Your products, services and processes will have to be adapted to the local requirements, expectations and customs. Targeting customers abroad – who may share different cultural background or use different methods when choosing their business partners – can be a challenging task. One way to prepare for the expansion into a new market is to find out how cultural differences between you and your prospects can influence the process of communication, sales and marketing. Once you’re ready to invest time and effort to break into a new market, you can follow these steps to adapt to the target culture and increase your local presence:

1.read more

14 Jun 2016

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Top 25 Language Blogs“The votes were cast, and Beyond the Words is a huge success!“ – that’s how the message from the competition organisers starts. For the third year in a row Beyond the Words ended up in the top 25 language professional blogs in Top 100 Language Lovers 2016.

Yet again this blog was named among 99 other great online resources for translators, linguists, language learners and language lovers. Thank you for your votes!

It’s a huge success indeed and I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it! 

The results of Top Language Lovers 2016 are listed here.read more

2 Jun 2016

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A unique app with great design won’t be enough to earn top spot in the app stores. To make your users around the world happy and loyal to your products, you’ll need to adjust the user interface to your target market. Below you can find 3 steps that will help you on the way to your multilingual app.

1. Make your app store description irresistible

No matter how great your app is, it will be useless if no one gets to see it. One way to achieve a high number of downloads is to make sure your mobile app description captivates your users.read more

24 May 2016

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Great news! Beyond the Words has been nominated to the Top Language Lovers competition in the category of Language Professional Blogs. It’s already the third consecutive year for Beyond the Words to take part in this competition organised by bab.la and Lexiophiles.

The voting phase is now open and you can cast your vote here. All you need to do is to click on the Beyond the Words tile and hit the Vote button.

Beyond the Words blog

Other categories in the competition include: Language Learning Blogs, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and YouTube channels. Have a look at these great resources and pick your favourites.read more

3 May 2016

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There are many ways to prepare your business to enter a new market. Once you’ve done your research and selected an attractive market, you’ll want to include local customs and culture into your marketing strategy. From product packaging through business relations to online presence – adapting to local culture will help you attract more customers in the foreign market. Below you can see three benefits of adjusting your website to a new culture and market.

1. Local presence

One standardised layout for every single language and country is not enough to capture the attention of your target users effectively. A website adapted to the local customs and traditions, for example with special promotion for local holidays such as Mother’s Day or Halloween, will create an impression that your business treats each customer group individually.read more

25 Apr 2016

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website localization courseYou don’t need special powers or magic rings to localise websites or games. There are other ways to remain invisible and exceptional. To make sure that products localised by you are fully aligned with the expectations of the target users you will need a mixture of technical, cultural and language skills that will help you avoid hidden traps and pitfalls.

Your special powers

A typical localisation project might be full of challenges, especially if you’re making your first steps in the localisation world. From tricky source files, through strict character restrictions to complex graphics – there are many traps and dangers awaiting the unwary translator.read more