28 Mar 2017

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Lovcalization for travel brandsFrom booking portals, through travel fare aggregator websites to metasearch engines – nearly all kinds of travel brands aim to go global and reach out to new visitors and customers. One way to do it is by localising, i.e. translating and adapting your website and social media profiles to the target market. As straightforward and uncomplicated as this process may seem, there are many pitfalls that can make your efforts counterproductive. So, before you embark on the localisation journey and start adjusting your travel portal to the culture of your target customers, consider these three traps and learn how to avoid them:

1.read more

9 Mar 2017

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Social media localisation can help you expand your business on the global market and gain trust of your customers around the world. Adapting social media profiles to different cultures and posting news in the local language is a key to engaging with your international followers and, ultimately, converting them into loyal customers. But the road to success might be a tough one, if your localisation strategy doesn’t include all relevant items.

To save you headaches and failures consider these five social media localisation traps with tips how to avoid them.

1. Not adjusting your social profiles to the target culture

Social media localisation isn’t only about posting the same updates in different languages on different profiles.read more

22 Feb 2017

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fashion localisationWhether you’re just starting your clothing brand or looking to expand into a new niche, localisation will help you reach out to more customers and increase your sales. From developing a multilingual website to creating stories in your localised social media channels –many bu
siness opportunities will open up once you invest in localisation for your fashion brand.

Below you can see some examples of how localisation can help your clothing business grow.

1. Creating adjusted content for your target customers

You probably already have a specified target group for your clothing brand. Are they young adults? Business women? Sport lovers?read more

26 Jan 2017

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Online store localization

Unlimited energy and motivation to achieve what seems to be impossible – this is the profile of many start-ups that appear on the market year after year. Once your start-up stage is set up and you’re on the way to reach more customers, generate new business and raise more funds, it might be a good time to consider localisation.  There are many benefits of localising your online store when you’re still starting up. Below you can see 4 key reasons to launch your store in multiple languages as soon as possible.

1. Reaching a wider audience

If you’re setting up your online store, chances are you’re struggling to reach out to potential customers and visitors.read more

4 Jan 2017

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mobile app localizationIf you’re ready to localise your mobile application in 2017 to reach more users across the world and boost your revenue, take a minute to make sure you’re not about to make a mistake which could sabotage your localisation efforts.


Here are 5 mobile app localisation traps you should avoid in 2017.

1. Not localising your in-app videos

Videos in digital products will remain a powerful and desired medium also in 2017. If you want to create a great UI that engages your users, a catchy video is a must. Localising your entire app, but leaving the videos in the original version is a definite no-no.read more

13 Dec 2016

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_mg_6453Setting up an online shop usually requires less investment than a brick and mortar. With attractive design, friendly user interface and great customer service you’ll be able to target more potential buyers and sell more products. But there’s one more thing you can do to get more exposure and increase traffic to your e-commerce website: translate and localise!

Below you can see the most important benefits of translating and adapting your online shop to another culture.

1. Wider global reach

A multilingual e-commerce website which is properly adapted to your target users (e.g. in terms of currencies, measurements or colours) will help you gain a bigger audience.read more

1 Dec 2016

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_mg_7289Content is king – you’ve heard that many times already. To grow the online presence of your business you’ll need to invest time and effort in content marketing. Increased sales, cost savings and loyal customers are just a few benefits of a good content marketing strategy. But to fully exploit its potential and attract a huge audience you can go one step further and develop a multilingual content marketing strategy for your company’s growth.

Why do you need multilingual content?

You might think that content in one language is enough to market your services efficiently. And you might be right. But if you really want to expand your business and establish strong presence abroad, even if it‘s just two more countries, you’ll definitely need to address your customers in their native language.read more

17 Nov 2016

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apps_to_growGoing mobile is not enough to help your business grow. Whether your mobile app or website is successful will depend on many factors, for example, on how many users you’ll be able to attract and maintain. There are many ways to increase the number of users or downloads of your app and at the same time generate more revenue for your business. One of the most efficient methods to reach to the vast group of mobile users is to translate and localise your product into languages other than English.

More languages means more users

Adding more languages to your app can help you improve your app ranking in the app stores and increase the download rates.read more

13 Oct 2016

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Even the best user interface design of your mobile app can fail to impress if the text isn’t readable. This obvious rule is often ignored in translation and localisation of mobile apps. As result, spotless and attractive design of the original app is nearly ruined in the localised versions.

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure readability of your localised app:


1. Don’t reduce the font to fit more text

For languages that are usually longer than English, such as German, Polish or French, more space might be required to fit in all localised strings. Informing your translators or localisers about the character limitations that can’t be exceeded is the most efficient way to maintain the attractive original design.read more

29 Sep 2016

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A growing number of businesses realise that a multilingual website is an essential part of the international expansion. The benefits of website translation and localisation are many, including better online visibility and higher potential to gain your customer’s trust. But to fully prepare your business for the overseas markets you will also need to include social media localisation in your marketing strategy.

Below you can find the key benefits of adjusting your social media content for a global audience:

1. Easy engagement with your prospects and consumers

By creating social media profiles that are customised to your target audience in every country or region you’ll be able to publish personalised content.read more